Dr Lynne Quick, head of the Palaeolab, together with three of our master's students as well as our postdoctoral candidate, will attend and present at European conferences this July.

Dr Lynne Quick, Dr Bongekile Zwane, Ms Erin Hilmer and Ms Asithandile Ntsondwa will be presenting at the International Union for Quaternary Research in Rome, Italy, while Mr Luke Nel will be presenting at the 8th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in Berlin, Germany.

Presentation titles:

Dr Lynne Quick - Palaeoenvironments of the Cape Floristic Region: New research and current developments.

Dr Bongekile Zwane - Wood charcoal from Knysana Eastern Heads Cave 1: Evidence for the impacts of the Last Glacial Maximum climate on woody vegetation and people of the Palaeo-Aghulhas Plain, southern Africa.

Ms Erin Hilmer - Establishing connections between contemporary vegetation distributions, modern pollen representation and the fossil pollen record in the Cape Floristic Region.

Ms Asithandile Ntsondwa - Reconstructing the fire history and palaeoenvironment at Thyspunt, southern Cape, South Africa.

Mr Luke Nel - Extracting more ecologically significant information from the southern Cape fossil pollen record: A reassessment of the Asteraceae Pollen types within the Eilandvlei sequence.

We are extremely proud of them and wish them all the best.