PhD Candidates


Stella Mosher

Institution: University of Utah


Project title: 


Tiaan Strydom

Institution: Nelson Mandela University, School of Natural Resource Management

Discipline: Vegetation Science

Project title: Response traits to fire and herbivory of subtropical thicket shrubs in the southeastern Cape Floristic Region


Maxine Whitfield-Smit

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Discipline: Zoology / Biological Anthropology

Project title: Baboons of the Cape south coast: Marine and terrestrial coastal resource use from a palaeoanthropological perspective




MSc Students


Tshiamo Sepato

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Discipline: Palaeobotany

Project title: Assessing diatom community composition and structure in palaeosediments from the southern Cape coast


Monique van Tonder

Institution: Nelson Mandela University, African Centre for Coastal Palaeoscience

Discipline: Palaeoecology, Geology

Project title: Considering the Ichnology, Archaeology and Geology of Pleistocene Aeolianites in the Woody Cape Nature Reserve, Eastern Cape Province, as an extension of the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain



Postgraduates (Honours)


Asithandile Ntsondwa

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Discipline: Palaeoecology

Project title: Evaluation of the best methods for sampling and preparation of modern pollen samples for reference collection and SEM analysis





Luke Nel

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Discipline: Palaeoecology

Project title: Albany Thicket palaeoecology: Identifying and describing key pollen indicator taxa within the Baviaanskloof


Boitumelo Langa

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Discipline: Palaeoecology

Project title: Identification and description of key pollen types, and their palaeoecological significance, for three genera within the Proteaceae family