The African Centre for Coastal Palaeoscience is leaving great footprints in the scientific community, or rather we are discovering a few. We have been receiving great international coverage on some of our recent discoveries and publications. You can read these online articles covering our research - published in TheCoversation and Popular Archeology.

Recently our Centre has published two articles on human and avian trackways found along South Africa's south coast. These discoveries hep us piece together the puzzle of our past and provide us with a glimpse of what life along the South African coast looked like, thousands of years ago. With it, these discoveries bring the knowledge that the South African coastline was quite a hub for human activity and that hominin tracks are more common in Southern African, than originally thought.

We here at the centre enjoy sharing our research and should you be interested in reading any one of our research articles, please contact our research assistant: Monique at moniquevt@mandela.ac.za