Dr Charles Helm, one of the Centre’s leading researchers and PhD candidate, recently featured on eNCA. Dr Helm informed the public of what the Centre has been up to and the significance of our research.

Below please find the link to the News feature.

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The African Centre for Coastal Palaeoscience is making its voice heard within the scientific community. Over the past few years, the Centre has made several groundbreaking discoveries.

Since 2007 the Centre’s research team has been documenting track sites all over south Africa and in that time they have come across amazing findings: giraffe trackways south of the Orange river significantly increasing the geographical range or this species, the first documented examples of fossilized sea turtle trackways, and the oldest avian track (dated to about 400 000 years) reported from southern Africa – just to highlight a few.

Should you be interested in finding out a bit more about our Centre and the research we do feel free to contact us – moniquevt@mandela.ac.za.